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MOVTIME® is your 1 stop body-shop incorporating various exercise disciplines catering to an individuals preferences in his/her pursuit and maintenance of an active lifestyle including nutrition coaching.


MOVTIME® originated with a strong personal training portfolio and a group fitness class titled ‘the danceFITT experience’.  With its directors ever-growing expertise through continuous education and their use of real life trial and error approaches, they have developed, and keep developing, fresher ways to get people moving.  


MOVTIME® has now consolidated its successful methods and approaches and is moving forward as a strong personal training and group fitness service. Its group fitness approaches are easily identified by the names: groupFITT, danceFITT and barreFITT. The spelling of FITT is an intended reference to the F.I.T.T. principle acronym standing for frequency, intensity, time and type. This principle is the cornerstone underpinning all exercise approaches in pursuit of fitness based results.



Welcome to MOVTIME®


“Super-professional to the core, Malcolm has made a huge difference to the way I look and the way I feel.”


[Boy George – singer, songwriter]



English Definition

MOVTIME [pronounced:



1. Derivative of [time to move]

2. To move your body in time. Usually associated  

    with music  

3. To be active and energized