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By guest, Nov 23 2015 07:10PM

12:30pm @ Gym Class.

168 Holland Park Avenue, London, W11 4UH

Class rating 4/5

Price: £29/class. First class - £20

Class duration: 55minutes

Good Overall Body Conditioning In A Friendly Environment

Comments: My first experience at Gym Class left a good impression. The friendliness at the front desk and by the owner, Helle Hammond, was warm and welcoming. Booking my first class was a breeze. Juls Perkins’s ‘Full Body Friday’ class included HITT elements as well as familiar conditioning and toning routines. I personally am not a fan of being ‘beasted’ so it was a relief to find her class challenging but doable. She did offer easy progressions for those of you that might like to challenge yourself more. Her manner was encouraging and she was tuned into her participants abilities to get just that little more out of us.

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