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1-2-1 session rates (55 minutes)


• Full body composition assessment @£45

• 1x personal training session @£85

• 4x personal training session pack @£320

• 8x personal training session pack @£560


Buddy & Group** session rates (55 minutes)


• Single session @£95

• 4 Pack @£360

• 8 Pack @£680


** 3 to 4 persons add £10 per person per session to all group rates above


Email: for conditional discounts and promotional offers

MOVTIME® Personal Training


“Fabulous, upbeat and positive. He got me off my butt and back into enjoying exercise.”  


[Natascha McElhone – actress]



- Payment for all training is in advance of first session commencement.

- All training packs will have a 6 week life cycle as of the first session.

- Sessions cancelled within 24 hours will be forfeited.

- Regular sessions cancelled outside the 24 hour period can be made-up within the 6 week

life cycle of the current training package. (Although every effort will be made to book a convenient

time for make-up sessions, this cannot be guaranteed, and so an extra effort regarding time flexibility,

might be required by you, the client, to make arrangements to be available for make-up sessions)

Terms and conditions

MOVTIME_personal training

English Definition

MOVTIME [pronounced:



1. Derivative of [time to move]

2. To move your body in time. Usually associated  

    with music  

3. To be active and energized