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MOVTIME® group fitness has developed its own version of popular group fitness classes that have taken the fitness market by storm over the past 10 years. From the popular HIIT and dance training methods marketed under various successful competitor brands, MOVTIME® has developed its own style of these. groupFITT, danceFITT and barreFITT are its tried and tested group fitness classes on offer.


  • danceFITT is a fun filled ‘sweatathon’ dancing to the popular music of all decades and covering numerous genres with participants walking away feeling the elation of a great dance night out. danceFITT classes are suitable for 30, 60 and 90minute class formats.


  • barreFITT is unique from other barre classes on offer. The barreFITT routines are choreographed to specific original songs. Besides the exercise approach as its foundation, the artistry of dancing at the barre creates a great enjoyment factor whilst going for the burn. The class also consists of center dance routines complimenting the barre routines as well as body conditioning routines on the center floor. It’s creators coined the catchy phrases of “you gotta burn for the firm!” and “if it’s burning, it’s firming!”. barreFITT classes are ideally suited to a 90minute format.


  • groupFITT classes are predominantly bodyweight exercise classes for conditioning, toning and endurance using various HIIT training  and boot camp methods.



“An excellent all round trainer with a real emphasis on getting achievable and visible results.”  


[Amanda Ghost – singer,

songwriter, producer]

Class Rates

  • danceFITT @ £100 for 1 to 10 participants (60 minute class)

  • barreFITT @ £120 for 1 to 10 participants (90 minute class)

  • groupFITT @ £90 for 5 to 12 participants (60 minute class)


Pro-rata for more participants than thresholds set above.


English Definition

MOVTIME [pronounced:



1. Derivative of [time to move]

2. To move your body in time. Usually associated  

    with music  

3. To be active and energized