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Diet Coach & Multimedia


“intense workouts that push to the core. He knows how to target the exact areas you need most and always keeps his training fun and upbeat.”  


[Julien Macdonald – fashion designer]

The FITTcrit™ Blogger gives an objective opinion after participating in any class deemed feasible and popular at the time.

HOW 2? - Coming soon!

HOW 2? brings you useful training tips.  Topics include proper and safe improvised equipment setups in your own environment, as well as express training workouts that your trainer thinks might be useful.


WHAT’s O.N.? - Coming soon!

Opinion: commentary on all trending fitness and nutrition news.


News: on current classes and venues.




English Definition

MOVTIME [pronounced:



1. Derivative of [time to move]

2. To move your body in time. Usually associated  

    with music  

3. To be active and energized


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