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His mutually agreed approach to exercise and lifestyle with his clients are on a ‘need-meets-needs’ basis relevant to their aspirations and realistic goals.


An exercise specialist using multiple disciplines including bodyweight, traditional resistance, kettelbell, suspension, high-intensity interval (HIIT), boxing and dance training. His clients are enthusiastic about their exercise journey with him.


Besides instructing danceFITT, barreFITT and groupFITT classes in various locations in London, his expertise in these classes, as well as personal training, are hired by renowned The Healthy Holiday Company who run fitness and wellbeing retreats around the world under their and brands.


Previously, Malcolm had a lucrative international entertainment career spanning 18 years in the entertainment industry as a dancer and musical theatre actor/ singer travelling to all parts of the globe. During this career, he also pursued a love of scuba diving and became a qualified N.A.U.I scuba dive instructor.


At 44 years old, and with all his career choices involving a broad to thorough understanding of the human body, its aesthetics and potential for good form, he aims to have you feeling energized, inspired and possibly exhausted, but always wanting more.




Malcolm Coombes

Malcolm is a registered REPs level 4 and GP referral personal trainer with a specialist qualification in weight-management/obesity and Type I and Type II diabetes.


His client base spans a vast professional demographic from celebrities, producers, directors and home executives. Geographically, he offers exclusive home and park training to his clients based in North, West and South West London.


Lara believes that fitness should help you live a longer, healthier and happier life. Her background has been a lifetime in understanding the human body's best applied or desirerd bio-mechanics and the principles of body conditioning required to achieve this end.


She studied dance at the leading performing arts university in South Africa before embarking on a career as a contemporary dancer with a nationally acclaimed dance company.


She has travelled the world as a dancer for leading cruise lines and performed in international tours of West End musicals. She is accredited by IDTA, UDO and AIDT to teach modern, hip-hop and tap dance, and runs Bunting Dance Academy in London.


Lara teaches groupFITT, danceFITT and barreFITT classes at various venues across London.

Lara Carr Bunting

Lara is a registered REPs level 4 personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is passionate about healthy living and inspiring people to achieve their fitness goals.


With a wide range of exercise approaches including suspension training, HiiT, barreFITT and kettlebells, Lara motivates her clients with progressive training techniques helping them to incorporate physical activity into her clients busy lives.


“if it wasn’t for Malcolm, there is no way that I would be at the gym at 7am. I feel so good on the days that I see him and the sessions change all the time, which I really like.”  


[Rita Konig – author and columnist]



English Definition

MOVTIME [pronounced:



1. Derivative of [time to move]

2. To move your body in time. Usually associated  

    with music  

3. To be active and energized